Thursday, April 7, 2011

L'escargot, the french connection

L'escargot stands out in the middle of Front Street. Neatly decorated from the outside as well as inside, they are able to create a relaxed french atmosphere on this tropical island. Snails obviously being the specialty here, we decided to leave the choice of courses to the waiter. It proved to be a good guess. As could have been expected, since your man has been working here for 38 years, ever since the start.
The grand opening with a series of snails prepared in different ways was spot on. Every bite a different feeling in the mouth, every snail decorated with yet another vegetable or dough. The sauvignon blanc to guide us through unfortunately had a bit of sweetness in it, a flavour not to be found in the dish. A better combination of food and wine was the well baked duck and the bordeaux of the bel air winery. French until the last bite. On my opposite side, a soft and smooth filet of snapper was highly appreciated. To round up a perfect gourmet evening, the crème brulée was served. Here the depth of the plate was inadequate to prevent the well burned but thick sugar layer the domination of the custard. The coffee served afterward was escorted by an old cognac with a hint of sweetness. The taste of the evening at l'escargot.


  1. MMM escarcots... my favorite. en dan zo ver weg, worden de slakken ook ingevlogen of zijn ze van het eiland? De tropische slaksoort?

  2. Nope, de very french soort. Ongetwijfeld langzaam aangevoerd..