Friday, April 8, 2011

Rare, a name so true

On the evening of the third day, we were to encounter an outstanding chef. The Rare restaurant proved to be everything the name promised. The subtlety of the seasoning used, the baked rare to perfection Angus beef, the lobster treated in different but all so worthy manners, this was by far the best culinary experience on the friendly island so far. Dino Jagtiani, St. Maarten born and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, knows his way around the kitchen.
After a glass of a very decent prosecco, we commenced with two sashimis. The lobster was an oriental treat, the soya sauce, coriander, ginger and mung bean sprouts made it a pleasure to the mouth. At the other end of the table a smile came out above the thinly cut salmon and cherry tomatoes. And grew even bigger whilst tasting the white wine, a full flavoured dry guidance. The main course following the salmon was a Chefs signature lobster tails dish. Yet again grilled to perfection, no complaints possible. The Angus beef the restaurants so rightfully is proud of could have been cut with a spoon. Softness and richness entered my mouth with every bite. A Haut-M├ędoc kept a perfect balance. If remarks had to be made, they couldn't have been about the food. The waiting staff though felt to lack the appropriate knowledge of what was on the plate and what wine combination could be recommended. To serve a glass for the red Bordeaux next to the lobster was only one of the small mistakes we noticed. If this great Chef succeeds in bringing up his personnel to the same heights as his food, the picture will be complete. Over a coffee and Armagnac we agreed that until that moment, we were even so happy to taste the superb qualities of Dino Jagtiani in his food.

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