Sunday, April 10, 2011

Uncle Harry's, the lobster man

Bigger and more fresh than the lobster at Harry's you will not find. Coming straight from the ocean in a basin in the corner of this wide open panoramic house boat type place, the amount of time needed to grill is about the only time out of the water. While the staff, amongst which Harry's children, do their utmost best to serve us as quick as they can, the calamaris is already being fried. This preceding snack had the freshness yet to be tasted from the lobster to follow. The glass of Chardonnay we ordered was less rich in the mouth, all be it not unpleasant. Our main course was everything we hoped for. Fresh, big, lightly grilled, hardly any seasoning was necessary to complete this star of tonight. The coffee machine was on island time, but at this point nobody would have mind any more. Harry, born on Aruba, has found his meaning in life. Serving a perfect lobster on Sint Maarten.

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