Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tropicana, a sweet creation

Yesterday we took a detour to the french side. After a hike through nature at the eco friendly lottery farm, we ended up at the inner harbour of Marigot. Here we came across a friendly looking restaurant with a small terrace overlooking the yachts lying at our feet. Called Tropicana, the feeling was purely french, as was the language mostly heard around us. As, luckily, was the food. On a warm day and after the sporting event, a soup had to make up for the lost moisture. It more than did. The gazpacho was fresh to the bone, the fish soup mashed as in Paris had the saltiness a relatively poor athlete was happy to take in. A glass of Chardonnay to accompany us, a decent french waiter to fill up our water supply, we felt as if in France. The feeling lasted throughout our main courses, a carpaccio of salmon and a tartare of salmon and red snapper. The right amount of olive oil, fresh green herbs and decently fried potatoes made us look forward to the dessert. Here, the french pride came in. Pastry being the chefs specialty, we couldn't but opt for a daily special and a classic. As can be seen on the photos added, one being today’s background, we weren’t deceived.

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